Learn: SEO at UnGagged London 2017

April 27, 2017

You might think you’ve heard it all before, the SEO industry has become more transparent over the years, meaning some of the more successful tactics are widely shared, unable to stay below the radar. Until NOW.

UnGagged is a conference which aims to subvert this trend by delving into the unexplained of the SEO world, with speakers who will disclose their journeys and provide real life examples of their successes and failures.

These speakers offer you a little something extra that UnGagged has become renowned for by revealing off-the-record, unbiased information, free of any political agenda. They will take your preconceived ideas and knowledge on how SEO works to another level.

What topics in SEO will be covered at UnGagged London and by who?

From clarifying some of the biggest SEO misconceptions to examining SEO strategy, and the evolution of SEO in terms of mobile and local SEO – no aspect of SEO will go uncovered.

Take a look at the selected expert speakers who will be guiding you through this unknown territory…


Session Title

Dixon JonesSome Red Flags that Search Engines can use to identify Spam
Guy SheetritBrand Engagement Session – Cyber Security From An SEO Perspective
Jerry West & Mark WardiDebunking the SEO Mindcrimes
Judith LewisBeyond the Basics – Business-led Advanced Practical Optimisation Techniques
Lukasz ZeleznyAn Unconventional Guide to Research, Optimize and Share Content
Paul MaddenFrom spam maker to spam cleaner, what redemption taught me about how to compete
William SearsUsing Internal & External Data to Optimize Enterprise Sites at Massive Scale
Wojtek MazurSimple content optimisation hacks that will increase your rankings

Two days not enough for you? Join us on the 14th of June for an SEO Masterclass held by Jim Boykin, CEO & Founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas.


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