Bas van den Beld

Founder - State of Digital

Bas van den Beld is the European Search Personality 2015, award winning Online Marketing Strategist, consultant trainer, keynote speaker and founder of State of Digital, a platform that helps people companies understand Digital Marketing better.

Bas is widely considered to be an expert and influencer on Digital Marketing, Social Marketing and Search Marketing and was voted European Search Personality of the Year in 2015. As a trainer he is connected to business schools and colleges in The Netherlands.

As a speaker and publicist Bas has won several awards. He speaks all over the world, from Iceland to New York, London, Kiev, Turkey and Iran. Bas consults with several type of companies on implementation of strategic Internet Marketing and provides training in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Social Marketing and Influence Marketing related topics. Bas also consults for agencies and brands like KLM helping them determine the right online business strategy and connecting them to the right influential people.

The networking itself was really good, talking to people outside of the rooms can give you even more information than inside of the rooms.

Speaker Interview

Who are you?

I’m Bas van den Beld, I’m founder of State of Digital and I do a lot of consulting on digital marketing and strategy.  

What were you talking about?

I’m going to talk about audience understanding and how to get close to your customer by understanding what their actual needs are and then getting your message across in the right way.

What have been some of your favourite sessions that you’ve been to here, and some of your favourite speakers?

You’ve got different types of speakers, that’s the good thing about UnGagged. For example, Duane is an amazing speaker, you just enjoy listening to him no matter what he says, he says good stuff, but it’s also just fun to watch. I also watched Robert Alder, and he had a fantastic session which was extremely tactical, on hacks and stuff which was amazing. I really enjoy the diversity of the talks.

What have been your favourite moments at UnGagged?

There have been a couple of moments. I think it’s fun to listen to the panels, and be a part of the panels. The networking itself was really good, talking to people outside of the rooms can give you even more information than inside of the rooms. So, I really enjoyed that most.

If you could give one thing that sums up UnGagged for you, what would it be?

That’s a really good question. I think the one thing that sums up UnGagged for me, is probably high quality, combined, strategical and tactical.

Why UnGagged loves them:

UnGagged London 2016 sees the return of Search Personality of the Year 2015 Bas van den Beld as opening keynote for Day Two, June 24. He is one of the World’s most influential Digital / Search Marketers and is in constant demand to share his amazing insights globally. He is very excited to be part of UnGagged Vegas and we cannot wait to see what enlightened wisdom he will impart during his lively info-packed session.