These days, more and more professionals are getting their industry knowledge from the Digital Marketing conference circuit. From the latest in affiliate tactics or paid reporting to more holistic SEO overviews. But not all conferences are created equal and choosing the right one can be daunting, so how do you go about it? Reading an event agenda can give you a good overview of what to expect, but how can you tell if a session will offer valuable information? Will the speaker be bringing their ‘A game’ or will they simply be reading off the bullet points from their latest SEJ post?

So what is it that gets an UnGagged speaker fired up? What makes them so different? Allow me to explain.

UnGagged Speakers are UnConventional

This industry is constantly changing. With more conferences each year, it follows that there are more speakers all the time. In a lot of ways, that’s a great thing. It means that there are new ideas and new perspectives joining the fray, and keeping us on our toes. But it can also be confusing to work out who the real authorities are, especially since agencies are quick to bill their brand ambassadors as such. 

A great starting point is to familiarize yourself with the individuals. Some will be of the “those who can’t do, teach” ilk, while others will be sharing experiences from the trenches. Many will have videos of them in action, or their presentations will be on slideshare, so take a look before you attend a session in real-life. Attending local free conferences or meet-ups can be a great opportunity to check out some great local speakers as well; you’ve got nothing to lose and you might find a new favourite to keep an eye on. 

Things might be different if you’ve paid for your conference ticket. You don’t necessarily want to pin your money on an inexperienced speaker if you’re concerned about ROI. You’re already putting your valuable time on the line, and you might not want to put a dollar figure against the session too. Well, we like to take the guess-work out of it as much as possible. Our expert speakers are on stage for one reason; to share their best kept secrets, and most lucrative tactics. You might recognize some of the names from other conventions, but when they speak at UnGagged, they’re not sharing their usual “conventional” wisdom.  

You won’t hear the same talks wheeled out from these guys. At UnGagged, we’re all about finding new ground. Our goal is for attendees to walk away with ideas and information that no one else has. It’s something we feel really strongly about, and our UnGagged speakers are just as passionate about it. These pros are stoked to finally get a chance to talk about their accomplishments to people who will really appreciate it and recognize the wins.

We know that people come to UnGagged because they’re sick of what they’re hearing elsewhere. Our speakers are so excited at the opportunity to speak to an audience of the UnGagged calibre, that they bring their latest methods and successes to our stage, before there’s a chance to talk about it anywhere else. So if you want to hear the most cutting edge ideas and plans, there’s no other place to be.

UnGagged Speakers are UnCensored

As you may know, UnGagged is completely uncensored. What we mean by that, is speakers are free to say things they might not otherwise discuss at a big conference. We don’t record our sessions and we don’t allow any live tweeting or blogging. In some sessions, you can’t even take any photographs. So this conference isn’t just another collection of fluff and sales pitches. At UnGagged, speakers can freely discuss their expertise, without fear of being taken out of context, or giving away their best methods to the entire industry. 

Think about it. We keep our numbers pretty exclusive, and then no one is allowed to share the content outside of the event. So speakers are only sharing their good stuff with a few hundred people, rather than tens of thousands. That means they can be more candid about what they did, they can share resources and insider tips. Basically, they’re going to give much more away than at any other conference. So the actual person on the stage might be the same, but what they are saying is going to be so different.

UnGagged Speakers are UnRivaled

Digital Marketing speakers are actively looking for the opportunity to be bolder and discuss things that are more innovative than your typical big box conference might allow. They are fearless, unconventional, they like to test commonly held beliefs. But lots of conferences don’t give them the chance. We do. At UnGagged, speakers can get more details into their sessions, and make things are more actionable. But the best part is that UnGagged is a showcase of speakers finally finding a place where they can talk openly without looming corporate agendas. That’s what makes this conference so valuable.

Check out the speaker line-up for Los Angeles November 2019, and buy your ticket now.