Announcing UnGagged Events

Your event, our expertise. Striving to defy the conventional.

Welcome to UnGagged Events. An all-inclusive creative events agency that delivers seamless, innovative and prestigious events catered to all industries. With unprecedented experience, resources and valuable contacts collated over many years of operating in the conference circuit, UnGagged Events has the unique ability to transform your idea into a reality. Take a look at how this is achieved…

Our services

UnGagged Events exists today because we saw a gap in the market that we knew we could fill. This realisation occurred after attending too many events where there were little nuances missing, common structural problems occuring, and areas of overall missed potential. In this moment – we saw the possibility for growth and prosperity.

Creating a coherent, engaging and industry-leading event is something we’ve proven to be pretty skilled at. And we wanted to share this skill with you.

We aim to exceed expectations in everything we undertake. That’s why, when it comes to your event, we ensure that our dedicated team provides you with unparalleled service and professionalism to execute your event that delivers a successful outcome.

How do we do this? From the first point of contact, to the final hour – our team will work with you every step of the way, to shape your ideal event. Choosing the perfect venue, vetting and bringing on board expert speakers, and creating a collaborative and entertaining networking atmosphere, are just a few of our top expertise that we are excited to offer you.

Our current clients

SOD conference October 8 2018

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