We have started developing our marketing automation platform in 2005 and since then our team wakes up every morning with a single goal – to build and develop the best platform on the market with a sustainable feature set.

Operating an e-mail marketing platform is not about a technology to blast huge amounts of emails as fast as possible. We see it as a complex service requiring a complex solution – our goal is not only to send but to deliver in a first place. We are an internationally accredited email service provider and our servers are listed on the most important white-lists to ensure that your email campaigns will get delivered to inboxes.

Our clients benefit from the best possible delivery rates and detailed reports in our platform help them improve their email marketing strategy through informed decisions based on actual data.

We want to stay at the forefront of technology and constantly improve our system with new features in cooperation with our partners from all over the world. We are a member of several professional e-mail anti-abuse organizations and actively participate in the development of new Internet standards.

This approach brought us over 10.000 satisfied customers from all over the world mostly large businesses and SMEs.