Content marketing at UnGagged London 2019

March 18, 2019

Do you think you’ve heard all the industry has to say about content marketing? Are you under the impression that there’s really not that much to talk about on the subject? You could be forgiven for thinking either of those things, but you’d be wrong. That’s why we’re taking the UnGagged approach to content marketing, and showing you just how much more there is to this stalwart of the biz.

This April, in etc Venues County Hall, UnGagged is going to be shaking up the steady world of content marketing. After all, there’s more to content than the odd blog post, and nobody knows that better than our speakers. So what can you expect from our content marketing gurus in just two weeks’ time?

Securing steady growth

Working out the financial benefits of content can be tricky enough – how do we know that any one blog post or video was actually instrumental in converting a customer? But more so than this, it’s even tougher to demonstrate the longevity of content. Once a piece of content is live, will it keep making an impact on customers and their decisions?

Well, with the help of Wojtek Mazur, you can optimise your existing content, so that you can continue to secure steady growth from all of it. Repurposing and making the most of content you already have is one of the pillars of a great content strategy, and Wojtek has all the best advice on how to put this into place and boost your traffic while you’re at it.

Wojtek is the co-founder of Elephate, an award-winning agency based in Poland. His role at the company is Head of Content Marketing, so you know that he’s going to be sharing some hidden gems from his own experience in the field.

Don’t miss Wojtek’s session, at 1pm on 1 April.

Content hones technical

Since the digital marketing industry burst onto the scene, content and technical have been at loggerheads. There seems to be a constant competition between the two – which is more important? What can you simply not live without?

While we at UnGagged believe that both have their place and are just as important as each other, Aiden Carroll has a slightly different perspective. This April, he’s going to be arguing that all the technical toys in the world are useless without good content. At UnGagged London 2019, Aiden is going to show you how to use content to sharpen up your technical SEO endeavours. In the face of amazing technological developments to come, Aiden is a proponent of making sure your website is worth the whizzy tech bits first. Aiden will walk you through a content strategy that works, and showcase the best persuasion techniques you can employ.

Aiden has been on the marketing scene for a while now, working with brands such as Aston Martin, Coca Cola, and The Red Cross. He’s the founder of Google We Are Squared and a co-founder of The Coloring In Department. What he doesn’t know about digital marketing, isn’t worth knowing.

Check out Aiden’s keynote session at 9am on 1 April.

Closing your content gaps

Any website audit and competitor analysis worth its salt will show you where you have content gaps. Having them all laid out in a pretty spreadsheet is great, but what are you supposed to do about them all?

Allow Razvan Gavrillas to answer that question. He has a foolproof framework that will allow you to build your growth by closing those content gaps. This isn’t just a one-time win, this is ongoing rank improvement to boost your traffic. This model can easily be scaled up, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Razvan is one of our brand engagement speakers. He is the founder of cognitiveSEO and BrandMentions, two SEO tools to help improve your digital marketing efforts. He has over 20 years of experience in the field, so you know he’s going to be passing on some invaluable insights and tips.

You can catch Razvan’s session at 3.30 on 2 April.

Of course, content marketing isn’t the only subject we’ll be covering at UnGagged London 2019. To see all the amazing things we have in store for you this April, take a look at our speaker line-up and check out our agenda. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss.

By Lizzie McCauley, UnGagged


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