Secure Your Links Before Publishing Content

Session Description:

It is supposedly harder than ever to build links for the content that we are producing. And in recent years, as Google has clamped down on many black & grey hat link building methods, many SEO’s are going ‘full white hat’ & ignoring link building tactics out of fear of Google. SEO’s are turning into pure content marketers, and seem to be publishing content in the hopes of naturally acquiring links (and social shares).

But we all know that links are still the backbone to Google’s algorithm, and are necessary to rank websites and their respective pages.

I am going to offer 3 effective and future proof-link building tactics, ranging from white to grey hat, in which the core strategy is securing links before publishing content. With case studies, screenshots, and tutorials, I will show SEO’s and content marketers how they can reclaim their link building hats and score many valuable links for their content and websites.

Date: November 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Track: 1