BRAND ENGAGEMENT SESSION – LOST money in Vegas? How to MAKE money as an Online Casino Affiliate

Session Description:

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes in the running of a casino? It’s a secretive, exciting world that very few get to see first-hand. In the online casino space, it’s no different.

This talk includes

  • A rare, detailed, behind-the-scenes look at online casinos
  • The opportunities that exist for different marketing channels
  • The future of online gambling (legislation, regulation and emerging markets)
  • What to be aware of when choosing an affiliate program
  • How you can become a part of this lucrative industry
  • And so, so much more!

Whether your expertise is SEO, PPC, content, mailing, social, native (and indeed any expertise which can reach targeted groups), you will leave this talk armed with the knowledge to take the first confident steps into this multi-billion dollar industry. And if you’re already a part of it, you may decide to make some revenue influencing changes!


Date: November 5, 2018 2:30 pm

Track: Palace Ballroom 3