One Size Fits None. Custom Fit Dimensions and Data in Google Analytics, to you

Session Description:

If you imagine that your Google Analytics set up is like a standard room. Everybody gets the same tables and chairs and light fittings and lamps, but what if you wanted to bring in your own sofa, or painting, or a life size cutout of Tom Hardy?(*asking for a friend.)

In Google Analytics you have a default set of Metrics and Dimensions, which is awesome, no complaints here. But, if you could have more data, better data in your account, would you take it?

It’s like somebody telling you at bar that you can have a double gin and tonic instead of a single, or an extra scoop of ice cream and sprinkles for your pudding? Well, I know what I would say…hell yes!

So, let’s bring this into some sort of relatable context. As you may have guessed from this talk, it’s not just about adding data, but actually creating additional data sets.

In this talk I’ll share my stories and use cases for the audience to understand just what -is- possible in Google Analytics. Including:

    • Reviewing what a Metric and Dimension actually is
    • Show the range of data you can pump into GA (use cases and examples to different business models)
      ○ Cost Data
      ○ Refund Data
      ○ Campaign Data
      ○ Content Data
      ○ Product Data
      ○ Custom Data
    • Show the range of possibilities in creating your own Dimensions (Custom Dimensions)
      ○ Case study of site that used this, around job titles – B2B
      ○ Case study of site that used this, around ski resorts using snowfall data to correlate sales with weather – B2C
      ○ How to brief/ set up (because it will require some tech support, but, so worth it)

N.B This talk includes multiple, free, usable templates


Date: November 6, 2018 11:30 am

Track: Palace Ballroom 1


  • Jill Quick
    Co-Founder - The Coloring in Department