How to Get Insight From Crap Data

Session Description:

Nearly all of the data we look at in our daily roles is inaccurate.

Whether that is from poorly set up tracking, Google withholding partial data, or even malicious manipulation of our data – it’s hard to know what numbers we should trust. At previous UnGagged events, we’ve learnt how you can falsify and manipulate someone’s GA data, so we know that data collection is a huge weakness to our business, if the wrong person decides to target you.

Accepting this as a reality, this talk will cover how you cope with potentially terrible data and how you can find your own measurements to track progress and build your strategy. I will assess the accuracy of the numbers we look at each day and the potential flaws they hold, after which I will provide the solutions with new data points, better safeguards and a checklist for finding significant trends to help you consolidate your findings.

My talk will cover my top tactics for finding trustworthy data and using it to develop insights and optimise your strategy – no more delivering reports with caveats or best guesses. Whether you work in content or technical SEO, this session will help you to understand the numbers you face on a daily basis and how you can actually make the best use of them.

Date: November 5, 2018 3:30 pm

Track: Palace Ballroom 2