How Just Eat feeds Google & Users

Session Description:

Did you know that on the Just Eat website, the number of unique URLs rapidly approaches infinity, which for twenty thousand restaurants could cause crawling issues, pagination, facets and more cause chaos for search engines – for every URL we might also have a mobile URL an Android URL and in some cases multiple languages – how do we feed Google the diet version (lite version for Americans) but make sure our users can access everything

Increasingly understand what Google sees is becoming more critical, with digital technology for web based apps becoming more commonplace, we’re finding that seeing exactly what Google can (and can’t see) is critical, often we are having to treat Google as a separate user for the site who interacts differently – users demand fast, feature rich engagement, Google demands something similar but demonstrated over far fewer URLs.

Sites increasingly pull in content based on interactions that Google just doesn’t make, speeding up the experience but hiding content from search engines – sometimes we can use this to our advantage (and no I am not talking cloaking) but sometimes rather than creation of multiple URLs we can use Single Page App tech to limit the number of URLs.

Just Eat are spending a lot of time investing in ensuring that all users of the site have the perfect experience, the role of an SEO guy is often to ensure that Google is seeing this, proving to Google that the user experience works for mobile and desktop users, is fast enough…

This session covers

  • XML sitemaps
  • Faceted navigation
  • Researching the customer what is needed and what isn’t
  • Discovering spider traps through tools including log files
  • Feeding Google extra data for app indexation
  • Removing stuff Google shouldn’t be finding

Who is Just Eat? In 2017 21.5 million customers ordered 172 million takeaways around the world creating a revenue of £546 million and in the first quarter of 2018 orders are up up 32% revenue up 45% we also delivered our 400 millionth UK order during Q1 2018…


Date: November 5, 2018 11:30 am

Track: Palace Ballroom 3