Enter The Void: Marketing in a World of F**ked Up Technology

Session Description:

Technology is changing at an incredible pace, which makes it challenging to stay on top of the latest trends. New technology is constantly changing the way we interact with the world, and consequently, how businesses should effectively market to their audience. Also, probably not helped by our own ineptitude, in the keeping up to date stakes.

Let’s face it, digital marketers are up there with social workers, traffic wardens and lawyers in the popularity game these days. Remember geek chic? Wasn’t that grand?

The big question is, can we recover our “cool career” reputation or are we so thoroughly fenced in by “techies to the left of me, jokers to the right” and the long arm of the law on our backs.

This talk will explore three key themes that are/or will change our world and what marketers need to know about them, if we are once again – to make friends and not alienate people.

  • The Cambridge Analytica fiasco – and why it was awesome
  • 1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party data – it’s all a party, give me more
  • Just because we know about people, doesn’t mean we should tell them so
  • Patents, parents, and protection – the dangerous waters of the new social
  • Google isn’t a Trojan horse, it’s an oligarch – and we best be nice, or we’ll lose our heads
  • Featured snippets vs facts – and the loose relationship between the two
  • Providing information to the world – especially my information
  • Arm yourself to the markup teeth, we are doing battle
  • GDPR is so last year, but here’s some more fear
  • Net neutrality, just another word for grey (and murky)
  • Stateside, legalese medium rare
  • It’s not just you – it’s them

N.B This talk includes, free, usable templates

Date: November 4, 2018 2pm

Track: Palace Ballroom 3


  • Aiden Carroll
    Co-Founder The Coloring In Department - The Coloring In Department