Bending the Rules to Dominate Local (without ridiculous monthly fees)

Session Description:

Do you like case studies? In this session, we are going to reveal our test results for ranking in the maps. These are experiments we ran across multiple countries and multiple markets, small and large. These tests used both single location and franchise businesses. If you want results-based information instead of whatever Google says the best practice is, this is the session you want to attend.

You will learn:
– Which citations actually help in 2018
– The most effective citation in the USA & Canada, and how to get verified and listed as cheaply as possible
– What happened when we canceled Yext
– Citation service comparison (we spent a lot of money testing these so you don’t have to)
– The tools we now use to avoid the ridiculous monthly subscription fees
– The best site structure for local & the minimum required pages you need
– How we use Schema in 2018
– The best URL structure for multi-location businesses
– Weird filters in GMB that will prevent you from ranking even if everything else is “perfect” (no tool can even detect this setting!)
– How to get a boost via GMB settings that nobody can even see on the outside
– How to best name a business for local, especially for franchises
– Why historical names are important
– The impact of reviews, photos, and updates
– What happens to the traditional organic rankings when GMB is optimized

UnGagged members who attend will receive our local checklist sheet to make sure they are getting the most out of their GMB listings. Attendees will also get a discount on our new group where we will reveal future test results at and talk about all things related to local SEO. That’s our only pitch and at the end.

If time allows, we may also cover:
– How to get a listing verified when you don’t have access to the address
– Methods to take a listing back when it’s held hostage by an old marketing company, ex-employee, or competitor
– How we got two verified double-listings with the same name and address and ranked #1 & #2 for 6 months on an unbranded keyword
– How we ranked for a 1500 search volume keyword before the listing was even verified in a competitive market

Date: November 4, 2018 3:00 pm

Track: Palace Ballroom 3