Safety First! Link Building for Fun & Profit (while mitigating risk)

Session Description:

While Google is punishing what it sees as ‘artificial link building’, the ranking algorithm still places a heavy emphasis on on links, so how do you build links in the safest possible way without falling into the ‘outreach/PR’ trap?

This session looks at the various strategies to build your link profile –  from the free to the extremely expensive –  and explores the real-world results achieved from all of these techniques.

Strategy with proof, this session is perfect for anyone looking at ways to boost their visibility through link building. Judith will share her results on free vs paid links; you’ll walk away with a firm grasp of ‘the risks’, and you’ll know when it’s best to pay, how much you should pay, why it should be considered, and where you can find those opportunities.

Judith Lewis UnGagged 2018

Date: November 4, 2018 4:30

Track: Palace Ballroom 2