How to succeed in an increasingly competitive online market: One-minute videos and Facebook Analytics

Session Description:

Agencies and entrepreneurs spend 80% of their time creating new content and only 20% of their time optimizing it. The smart few do the opposite, letting their greatest hits live forever instead of creating new content on a rigid, arbitrary schedule. Facebook is increasingly a game of evergreen funnels that build relationships at scale. In this session, Dennis Yu will share insights earned from over one billion dollars in ad spend about how you can use video and chatbots to nurture your leads through completely automated customer journeys.


You will leave with an action plan that you can implement immediately with step by step instructions. Stop creating random content on a calendar and start building your library of greatest hits that you can use forever.

Date: November 5, 2018 11:30 am

Track: Palace Ballroom 2


  • Dennis Yu
    Chief Technology Officer - BlitzMetrics