Using Topic Modelling Frameworks To Win Big With NLP & Semantic Search

Session Description:

Disambiguation is one of the biggest challenges still for search engines and one of the ways in which we can help dramatically is to utilise co-occurrence and topic-modelling frameworks to assist with algorithms driven by natural language processing. You shall know a word by the company it keeps is a well know Firthian quote and we’ll look into how using relatedness and semantics in your website framework and structures can make a site fly on its own.

We’ll look at modern practitioner strategies as well as some of the grounded theories from academia. Markov Chains, Linguistics and Co-Occurrence Vectors will feature.


  • Learn about some of the latest research in natural language processing and how you can utilise this to get ahead of the game
  • A framework to use on your projects
  • Learn about the different types of structured, semi-structured and structured data to use in your site
  • Learn how to pass further cues when topics, products, categories or subcategories overlap and avoid cannibalisation


Date: November 4, 2018 3:00 pm

Track: Palace Ballroom 2


  • Dawn Anderson
    International SEO Consultant/Managing Director/Lecturer - Move It Marketing & Manchester Metropolitan University