4 Tricks for Measuring Your Website

Session Description:

Measuring your website is vital to understanding not only how your site is performing, but also how people consume the content. Going beyond simple measuring of visitors and page views can sometimes be tricky and often requires some JavaScript and code-level access. Tag Managers can take some of the labor out of that process and probably speed up your site’s load time in the process.


In this session, Thom Craver will show you why you should be measuring certain visitor events to understand visitor behavior better. Through concise but practical examples, he’ll show you how to make measuring events quick and painless while helping you understand your site better.


Attendees of this session will walk away ready to feel the benefits of:

  • Tag managers
  • Better event tracking
  • Less manual JavaScript code
  • Tracking people, not visits

Date: November 14, 2016 2:00pm - 2:55pm

Track: 2


  • Thom Craver
    Independent Digital Strategist - Self-Employed