Buying Websites for SEO

Session Description:

Move over blackhat link building, it’s not 2010 anymore. If you’re not buying websites for SEO, you’re not doing it right. At this very moment there are thousands of established websites for sale, many of which maintain premiere backlink profiles sure to send link juice flowing to your money site. But where can you find the good deals, and if you do find something you like, how do you evaluate a website for sale?


With a combined decade in the website acquisition industry and tens of millions in deals under our collective belts, we’ve got the answers to the tough questions you’ve been dying to ask. We’ll tell you how you can start reallocating your SEO budget in the most effective way possible. Stop worrying about the next Google update paralyzing your Organic Search rankings, and start maximizing your income while multiplying traffic inflows.


Diversify your risk, and get ahead of the competition with a cutting edge and profitable SEO strategy. By buying websites for SEO, you can build an empire around niche specific sites positioned to drive growth and rankings. Enjoy this comprehensive session which will include real case studies, analysis, and practical strategies and tactics to help you successfully buy websites to improve your search engine rankings and generate passive income.

Date: November 16, 2016 11:00am - 11:55am

Track: 2