Maximizing Growth, Engagement, and Monetization on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Session Description:

Traditional advertising sucks! You’re customers are on mobile and spending the majority of their time on Facebook, Instagram, messaging and Snapchat! How do you leverage content creators (Influencers) for driving growth, awareness, and revenue?


2016 is the first year where digital advertising surpasses television spend! TV ad dollars are a natural fit for influencer marketing, learn how the top brands are looking at influencers to drive earned media values, for every dollar spent, you get 8 dollars back of value.


Learn from Vishal Gurbuxani, who helped start the industry’s first mobile advertising platform for apps, before people cared about apps.


He is now focused on the next wave of innovation and value, influencer marketing. Learn all the tips and tricks you can leverage for harnessing the power of influencer content on video, with native formats that create authenticity at scale!


Date: November 14, 2016 1:00pm - 1:55pm

Track: 2