Stop and Step Away from the Migration

Session Description:

A couple of 301’s and an instant high performing domain is the vision of the majority of people entering into a big site change. As you migrate domains; be it for branding purposes or a strategic business decision, there are a whole host of potential issues to manage. The number of migrations taking place is on the rise and businesses expand globally and look to set their sites up for international success, as well as the need to update to newer CMS’ as the pressure for responsive, fast websites rises.  


If you’re fed up of juggling key stakeholders, badly prioritising your choices and seeing crashes in your visibility and traffic post-migration then it’s time to take charge. My talk will cover all the strategic processes in preparing for and completing a seamless migration. So join me for some horror stories of when it all goes wrong, and successes of those doing it right.

Date: November 15, 2016 3:30pm - 4:25pm

Track: 2