Link Building like a Ninja

Session Description:

In this “must attend” session, Boykin will give up secrets and ideas and methods that he usually doesn’t discuss outside of UnGagged.

Getting other websites to link to your site is the most important SEO factor when it comes to ranking in Google. Because of this, many people try to proactively get other sites to link to them. The problem is Google is usually not a fan of SEO’s doing “link building”. So what are some methods of getting backlinks to your site, and what is the risk of different types of link building?

Boykin will talk about several methods to work to get other sites to link to your site, and he will also explain not only how to get these links, but also the risks and rewards of several of these types of link building methods.


Date: June 16, 2017 3:30pm - 5:25pm

Track: County Suite 2


  • Jim Boykin
    CEO and Founder - Internet Marketing Ninjas