SEO is changing faster than ever! This is not only caused due to the insane pace that Google puts to the day but also new devices and technologies arise that are significantly going to impact searchers behaviour and the way we interact with search engines.

Technical SEO being the core foundation of every SEO strategy, Bastian will be covering some of the most important technical aspects in the ever-changing landscape of tech-SEO.


We’ll be talking about:

  • Significant changes to Googles search frontend and what this means for your SEO strategy and processes
  • The status of structured data, answer boxes, featured snippets and its impact on SERP interaction, CTR and other soft factors (and obviously how you can get the most out of this right now)
  • The necessity for even faster sites (including new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) as well as HTTPs & HTTP/2)
  • The current state of Googles’ JavaScript rendering capabilities and common pitfalls around rendered pages
  • The shift to a mobile-first (or better said: “proper responsive first”) SEO strategy and what you need to do to prepare for Google mobile-first indexation shift


Don’t miss this tech-driven keynote with lots of actionable advice as well as some thought-provoking ideas on what we’ll be seeing next in SEO!

Date: June 16, 2017 9:00am - 9:55am

Track: County Suite