From spam maker to spam cleaner, what redemption taught me about how to compete

Session Description:

Google’s main signal, links, has changed hugely over the last few years and yet as an industry we haven’t fully adapted to the change. The path we took to get to the current situation is littered with clues to where we should look to compete.


Paul Madden started his life online as a professional spammer and, like all SEOs, adapted his skill set into new opportunities as others became less profitable. From spammer to volume link builder, Paul grew a team of over 200 offshore staff and placed high volumes of links. When Penguin arrived Paul founded LinkRisk which then became Kerboo to leverage that experience to help SEO’s adapt.


In this talk, Paul will take us along with him on his journey from Blackhat spammer, through volume link seller to founding Kerboo and being in control of the biggest disavow database outside of Google. He will position the change and provide clear insight into what matters now and what to do to compete in 2017 and beyond.

Date: June 16, 2017 12:30pm - 1:25pm

Track: County Suite