Using GTM to hack & test Tech SEO changes

Session Description:

What a blackhat geek could do, or the opportunities for a whitehat SEO
Sometimes even with arguably the biggest dev team in the world, but sometimes a minor, unsexy change that you know might have a big impact – it can be challenging to test to get it done.

Sometimes SEO folks want to test something that to get done is a significant change that could have a massive impact and would be incredibly costly to implement, the ROI could be somewhere between a negative number and a massive number, but without a testing environment (and no this isn’t a sales pitch for an SEO testing tool) using free tools you can change things that just weren’t possible in the past.

GTM allows you to do some evil, blackhat stuff – hidden clever stuff that would make your mother ashamed or proud, GTM to a marketer who knows JavaScript and SEO is like chewing gum to MacGyver, have you left someone from an old agency, an ex-employee the power to seriously screw with your organic visibility or even scrape creditcard details?



Date: June 15, 2017 4:30pm - 5:25pm

Track: County Suite 2