The Ice-Berg Approach – SEO Power from What Lies Beneath

Session Description:

In a small-screen first and increasingly eyes-free search world, what lies beneath a site using semantic cues to replace content-heavy cognitive-load burdening pages can be very powerful.

This can be likened to an iceberg type approach or a model view controller approach to SEO with work done by pages deeper in the site to strengthen relevance for light, yet powerful user experiences.

We will look at using the bowels of the site and informational systems to lift organic search visibility, relevance and user experience concurrently. Tying this in with first and second level relatedness for disambiguation for both traditional search and concise brevity conversational search in natural language processing and strong, powerful site foundations.

Date: June 11, 2018 2:30pm - 3:25pm

Track: 2


  • Dawn Anderson
    International SEO Consultant/Managing Director/Lecturer - Move It Marketing & Manchester Metropolitan University