7 Habits of Highly Performing Landing Pages

Session Description:

Conversion optimisation is renowned for its impact on the bottom line, a focus on improving business performance. However, without qualified traffic there is a hard limit on the total value that can be achieved. Traffic is vanity without conversion, but to increase conversions you need traffic.

The point where intent becomes outcome, acquisition meets action is most often the Landing Page.
However, this is also the most common point where marketing budget meets wastage, where expectation meets dissatisfaction. You cannot solve all conversion blockers only on the Landing Page, but you create more issues if you do not communicate what the user wants quickly and clearly.

If traffic you generate falls at the first contact with the site, your chance to convert at all is minimal
For this session at Ungagged I’ll be examining common Landing Page issues and proven tactics for improving that landing experience for users. You’ll come away with 7 (at least) key areas to make you think about concepts you can address for your campaigns, to maximise the potential from your hardest won traffic.

This session is for any marketer who cares about what happens to the traffic after they deliver.

Marketers who know that intent doesn’t pay the bills, outcomes deliver the value the client needs.

The fundamentals of what the user expects, design cues and considerations for the landing experience that will make you rethink what happens once all that crucial traffic actually lands on the site.

Date: April 1, 2019 04:30

Track: Track 2