How your old & discontinued products can net massive SEO revenue growth

Session Description:

So many brands and online retailers simply bin their discontinued/dead product listings without considering the often huge SEO and UX repercussions/penalties in doing so. What are the opportunities for your own products, and how can you capitalize on defunct competitor inventory? By using a balance of SEO and UX, there are super-profitable key wins to consider.

I’ll be sharing and walking you through some surprising, insightful and real-world case studies from instantly-recognisable retailers and brands. Plus, I’ll be sharing how I managed to implement the exact strategy, generating big SEO returns within just 60 days.

You’ll learn the fundamental pillars and know-how to seek out these opportunities and action these wins as soon as you get back at the office. You’ll also be be ‘tooled up’ to avoid making the same mistakes many big brands have!

Date: April 2, 2019 2:30 PM

Track: Track 3


  • Luke Carthy
    Technical eCommerce SEO and CRO Specialist - Mayflex Ltd