What High-Performing Agencies do Differently

Session Description:

This is a session for owners, founders, directors and rising stars of agencies. We will look at what high-performing agencies do differently from the rest… and how you can join them.

This session is based on several years of research and live work into the what high-performers do differently. 119 agencies following his recommendations last year saw EBITDA increase by an average of 137%.

Robert will share previously unseen benchmarks for agency fees, profitability, utilisation, and revenue per staff member. He will also share the strategies and worksheets (including the unpublished Strategy GameChanger and the Agency Dashboard) that have only been seen by a select number of premium clients. He will go on to explain how agencies reach
‘escape velocity’.

You can expect to walk out of this content session with a full understanding of what you need to do to join the high-performers. You’ll see the tools, techniques and processes they use to design, roll-out and deliver on their business strategy and goals.


Robert Craven, GYDA Initiative

Date: April 2, 2019 04:30

Track: Track 2


  • Robert Craven
    Founder - Grow Your Digital Agency/GYDA Initiative