Marketing in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Session Description:

People no longer trust what they read online.
People no longer trust what they see in pictures and videos online.
People no longer trust the platforms with whom they share their data.

How do these changes in public sentiment toward the new digital reality impact brand marketing? To what extent can marketers change or influence this ever evolving landscape?

We’ll take a look at current data surrounding consumer sentiment and the impact the weaponization of data and exploitation of marketing platforms by bad actors has the side effect of maligning the hard won results of seasoned marketers.

We’ll dive into the related proliferation of bad data, bad metrics, and address whether or not “ground truth” can be known in digital marketing performance.

We’ll review the ongoing developments related to government intervention and the impact further regulation could have for marketers.

You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to steer your and your clients’ brands clear of the fallout from disintegrating trust by consumers, how to raise the signal out of the noise in traffic and campaign data, and how brands can effectively counteract increasing negative sentiment toward these highly valuable marketing channels.


Michelle Robbins

Date: April 2, 2019 11:30

Track: Track 3