Brand Engagement Session – How To Have Better Ideas & Earn More Links From Your Digital PR Campaigns

Session Description:

The hardest part of launching a successful digital PR campaign is having a great idea.

Being creative isn’t easy and becomes increasingly difficult under pressure to deliver results; especially when that means links.

The media landscape is changing and average campaign concepts are no longer good enough to land coverage and links from top-tier publications.

If you want to earn the best links, you need to have the best ideas.

In this session, James will teach you how to have better ideas which will help you to earn more links from your campaigns. He’ll share campaigns which have earned thousands of links from the world’s press (often using very simple to execute formats) as well as taking the brave decision to share examples of what hasn’t worked so well (and why).

You’ll walk away with new ideas on how you can approach ideation, where you can find inspiration and how to get better at discarding concepts which won’t land the links you need early on in the campaign process.

Date: April 2, 2019 2:30 PM

Track: Track 3