PPC Is Dying… WTF should you do about it?

Session Description:

Paid search ROI is falling. Search query numbers are no longer growing and lower positions are no longer as effective, so demand is outstripping supply, and aggregators dominate the “big money” terms. Google is wringing every last penny out of its cash-cow by reducing your control as an advertiser and seeking to automate more and more of your delivery.

If we could have done, we’d all have walked away when Exact Match stopped being an exact match, but other channels simply don’t replace the quality of the search user.

YouTube worked for a bit, before it trained people to skip your ads.

Facebook worked for a bit, but is now only useful if you’re marketing to your mum.

Audience-targeted display is a bottomless money-pit that users hate so much they invented ad blockers.

It’s time for the savvy PPC marketer to take their analytical, results-focussed skillset outside of Google Ads. Matt’s going to show you how to build a strategy for growth that engages your audience higher up the funnel through biddable media channels and integration with wider marketing activity.

With the tactics in his presentation you’ll be able to unlock new pools of users and drive incremental sales which resurrect your PPC performance.

Date: April 1, 2019 1:00 PM

Track: Track 2


  • Matt Whelan
    Digital Strategy Director - The Specialist Works