No-Bull Link Tactics for Smart Businesses

Session Description:

At a time when Google is still punishing what it sees as artificial link building, and yet still places a heavy emphasis in the ranking algorithm on links, how do you build links in as safe a way as possible without falling into the ‘outreach/PR’ trap? How do you protect yourself and make sure you are not liable for prosecution under the various regulations, CAP, ASA and similar codes?

This session looks at safe ways to build your link profile from the free to the extremely expensive and the results achieved in the real world from all of these techniques.

We will look at the recent changes to CAP/ASA guidelines and the extension of liability to businesses, in addition to the change to the standpoint on content with no editorial control. Strategy with proof, this session is perfect for anyone looking at ways to boost their visibility through link building.

If you are a serious business who don’t want to use risky tactics but still want to push things forward, this session is for you.


Date: April 1, 2019 2:00 PM

Track: Track 1