SEO vs PPC, or rather, SEO <3 PPC

Session Description:

Gone are the days when both PPC and SEO channels can get away with playing hide-and-secrecy with their data; and fight to the death over who wins the battle of the SERP.

Today is the day of data sharing for mutual gain.

And here’s how:

  • LINKS – How to use Google Ads data to kick-start or breathe new life into your digital PR/ORM/Outreach campaigns
  • CONTENT – Can you quantify the quality of words? YES. Yes you can. And you can use this to improve onsite content.
  • ENGAGEMENT – Does CTR really make a difference to organic Google rankings? Who cares what the robot thinks, your target audience matter more.

I’ll be sharing live examples of these tactics working in the wild, so bring your beady eyes and ears… and questions.

Whether you’re in-house or agency, been plugging away with the same strategy for years or looking for where to start, tune in for accessible tools and actionable tidbits galore.

Date: April 2, 2019 11:30 AM

Track: Track 2