The Next Frontier of Search

Session Description:

If voice queries, answer boxes, AMP and entities have you worrying about what’s coming next and where to spend your budget, this session is for you.

One speaker will tell you it’s all about AMP, while another insists that voice is the thing to focus on. This session will take a practical journey into the SERPs, analyzing the different types of results, what produces those results, and how you can decide what is likely to work best for your business and budget. We’ll use real-world examples to illustrate how this strategy works in practice and you’ll leave the session better prepared to meet prospective customers where they are based on the implicit intention of their queries.

I’ll share some “against guidelines” practices that are currently working very well. Content spinning, deep linking with footer links and template based content is working – use the specific strategies shared to remain under the penalty radar.

Key Actionable Takeaways –

  • We’ll explore how to research the SERPs to determine query intention and the best strategy to use
  • You’ll learn how to categorize, map and evaluate keywords by intent
  • You’ll take away an iterative process that builds on successes month after month

If your work involves Brands, you won’t want to miss this!

Date: April 2, 2019 4:30 PM

Track: Track 1