Bill and Ted’s Righteous Tips for totally Non-Bogus Local SEO

Session Description:

Now that everyone has a hand-held device that they can talk to, we’re basically living in a Star Trek future. These mobile searches are inherently local, so it’s imperative that you have a stellar Local SEO strategy in place to succeed. Forget the tired SEO tactics that have been covered hundreds of times at other conferences, this session will share bleeding-edge tactics to boost local relevancy and convert more local customers.

I’ll walk you through exactly what to optimize and how to optimize it.

A Whizzbang lightning round will cover advanced tips for content creation, link building, citations, and reviews. The presentation will finish up with detailed information on Google My Business, which is your new home page. You’ll learn how to optimize your business profile, with specific tips on various elements including Questions & Answers and Google Posts. You’ll leave with a detailed playbook that will guide your 2019 marketing plan into hyperspace.


Need a deeper Local SEO dive?

Check out Greg’s full-day Masterclass on April 3rd! £599 per attendee.

Date: April 1, 2019 11:00

Track: Keynote