Website Obesity Kills: The Under2 diet for more conversions and visibility

Session Description:

With storage never being cheaper and compression and caching options up to your eyeballs there has never been a better reason to have a fast loading website. Unfortunately, instead, the world’s web experiences are getting slower and more frustrating. It actually took less time back in the day to load the full CNN homepage on 56k than it takes now on regular broadband.. Unacceptable.

Website obesity is an epidemic and needs to be stopped at its source… The planning and development stage.

It’s really easy to build a site in 2019 it seems it’s hard to care enough to build one properly. In this talk you’ll find out not only how to tell if your website is obese but also how to put it on a diet that really works. No crazy pills or soups, just smart and sometimes unconventional planning and coding practices that get results. We’ll run through some cool tools that help identify issues as well as some to avoid no matter how much you might like them.

After the talk you’ll walk away with a bunch of “ah ha’s” as well as some sore ribs from the laughs (we hope). You’ll probably want to get some elements in the Dev pipeline asap too!

Best suited to Technical SEO’s or those who want to kick their developer’s butts!

Chris Simmance Chairman - Under2

Date: April 2, 2019 12:30 PM

Track: Track 1