What to do when SEO is Dead

Session Description:

Amazon, aggregators and Google itself are making our jobs as SEOs harder and harder. When measure performance and success using last click attribution, SEO often looks like it doesn’t generate revenue anymore. Add in the rise of Google’s sector specific tools e.g Hotels, Google for Jobs, is what we see as the traditional role of the website dying?

More and more of the ‘end of the funnel’ is fulfilled by platforms, apps, third parties, and Google themselves. This trend is continuing, and is unlikely to reverse. We cannot continue to treat SEO as just-another-acquisition channel. Let’s propose we live in a world where the SEO we know and use today just no longer works. What do we do?

My talk will cover how to use SEO in more creative ways, integrate new channels and how we can sell in this approach to traditional websites.

The audience will walk away with:

  • Understanding how SEO can become a brand channel
  • Tips and tricks on how to use tools to measure awareness via SEO
  • Understanding of how other channels can tie in to your previous pure SEO strategy

Let’s be honest, SEO sells and it gets results. It’s scary to admit that it simply might have a best before date and might not always be the most effective tactic going. As long as SEO budget is sitting in brand’s performance marketing budgets, agencies will keep selling it as such. Which means it will continue to be measured as such. It’s time to rethink SEO, what value it brings for brands and how we sell and report on it.

Brands will learn why their SEO just isn’t working anymore and agencies will learn how to sell future-thinking SEO and more integrated strategies.


Hannah at UnGagged

Date: April 1, 2019 3:30 PM

Track: Track 2