Measuring Links, Disavows, and SERP Marketing

Session Description:

When it comes to link building and measuring links, there are not many (any?) more experienced than Jim Boykin. The company he started more than 20 years ago, Internet Marketing Ninjas, has served hundreds of clients, acquiring high-quality links to help them increase their rankings and sales.

Boykin has presented more than 100 times at industry conferences, but he highly enjoys Ungagged, because here, unlike other conferences, he can be more open and honest in the things he may say … there’s no blogging or tweeting or publicly repeating what may or may not be said, just stuff to make you think.

Boykin also plans on going on some rants about people doing disavows and analyzing links. After hearing him speak, you may wish to revisit your disavow, if you’ve ever done one.

Also on the agenda is SERP marketing: things like featured snippets, People Also Ask, and videos, all of which take up real estate on the first page of Google, and how to analyze and optimize for these factors. Every SEO should have a strong focus on SERP marketing and work to optimize for every opportunity on the first page of Google.

Boykin may stick to a presentation, or he may go off on tangents about SEO, but he is sure to entertain and to give you food for thought about your own campaigns and tactics

Date: November 7, 2019 1:15 PM

Track: Track 1


  • Jim Boykin
    CEO and Founder - Internet Marketing Ninjas