Hacking the SERPs for Power & Profit

Session Description:

As the search landscape diversifies into a seemingly endless list of options for how to spend your budget… search, paid, AMP, social, video, voice, instant answers, and now Discover, those once ample budgets are stretching thin. This session will show you how to determine where to spend that budget; what options are most likely to drive results for your particular business, and how to use tools to make it easier.
This is a primarily white hat presentation, but there are a few gray ideas included for the Ungagged audience only.
Attendees will learn:
  1. How to classify intent and content effectively
  2. The concept and implementation of topical focus
  3. How to measure success and tools to make it all easier

Tools featured: OnCrawl, SEMRush, Conductor, Screaming Frog

This talk will ideally be for experienced SEOs and marketers. Brands will likely benefit most, but agencies can use these tactics to update and improve their internal processes.

Date: November 8, 2019