Masterclass: Link Building

Session Description:

At a time when Google is still punishing what it sees as artificial link building, and yet still places a heavy emphasis in the ranking algorithm on links, how do you build links in as safe a way as possible without falling into the ‘outreach/PR’ trap? How do you protect yourself and make sure you are not liable for prosecution under the various regulations, CAP, ASA and similar codes?

This Masterclass looks at safe ways to build your link profile from the free to the extremely expensive and the results achieved in the real world from all of these techniques.

This course will include sections on:

  • Level Setting to prepare for the advanced techniques
  • Testing links to see what works
  • Local, old, new and remastered techniques
  • Types of content that generates the best links
  • Tools to use beyond the usual link ones
  • Risks and rewards
  • Screw-ups she has seen (and done)
  • Relationships and their value
  • KPIs
  • PBNs, their creation and their value
  • When it all goes tits up – recovering from actual penalties

Join Judith Lewis in this masterclass of link building, showing some forgotten techniques that work again, what types of links work and what don’t, the tiered approach to link building she takes with clients today to ensure success, and more link building tips and tricks she uses.

Unlike other courses, this UnGagged course will go in to detail about link building techniques to ensure each technique is understood and able to be leveraged by each participant. Completion of this course will ensure a well-defined, structured approach can be taken by each participant. Expect success!

Judith Lewis’ Link Building Masterclass

$599 per attendee. Join us November 9th from 9:00am to 4:30pm.
Location: Convene South Grand Avenue, 333 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90731 (Open Map)

This deeply engaging and practical Masterclass allows a small group of eager learners to get hands-on with the material, gain in-depth knowledge on the best tactics and explore tested strategies to generate more sales.

Link Building Masterclass
November 9th: Link Building workshop

Date: November 9, 2019 9:00 AM

Track: Masterclass