Online Casino Affiliate Marketing: How to break into a globally lucrative industry

Session Description:

Buffalo Partners is an Online Casino Affiliate Program. Normally, we attend casino specific conferences. So why Ungagged?

The Online Casino Affiliate world is a niche one, which many affiliates have entered by chance or serendipity. Many have made this their primary or sole vertical, earning envious commission, as both individuals and companies. $100,000 commission (or much more) off a single click? It happens, and more often than many would believe. Yet these affiliates are just like all of you attending this conference; they have strong skills in either SEO, PPC or other marketing channels, and have simply come to understand the nuances required to market to online casino players. This is why we are attending – to show you how you can use your existing skills to enter into this market.

In this session some of what we will cover is:

  • An inside understanding of online casinos
  • The differences between land-based and online casinos (essential for your marketing strategy)
  • How to choose an affiliate program and negotiate the right deal
  • The different channels available to send traffic (and which work)
  • A global look at the industry, including legislation, regulation, and emerging markets
  • The first steps for you to take to enter into this industry

Anyone is able to become an online casino affiliate. From the one-man show who spends 9 months of the year living the dream on islands around the world, to the small operations, to the large serious businesses operating like a machine, the industry is open to all and rewards those who have the knowledge, skills and determination to succeed.

Date: November 7, 2019 1:15 PM

Track: Track 4