Hacks & Tricks to Make Your Site Faster Than Ever

Session Description:

AMP, as you know, is Google’s response to just how bad websites have gotten – and it is a bad solution. As a JavaScript framework it has merit, but the user experience is such that the issues aren’t the right approach for most businesses.

The solution for the web is to improve the user experience, not limit it. This might mean the Purple PRPL pattern…

After a client spotted that their site was bit slower than their competitors, we did a program of work to deliver optimised page speed. Some of the biggest wins were delivered using tiny code tweaks, delaying some things, and pulling some things forward.

In his latest UnGagged Talk, Gerry White will walk you through the methods that delivered the biggest bang for the buck, and reveal the more expensive tactics that didn’t deliver the ROI. Gerry will also help you take your reporting to the next level through a combination of tools.

Page speed increases can be expensive, where do you compromise and where do you put your budget? Come to Gerry’s session and find out.

Date: November 7, 2019 11:15 AM

Track: Track 3