Start Up SEO from Seed to Unicorn

Session Description:

In SEO, the answer to all questions is “It Depends”. This can be an even more complicated case when advising startups who have not only have traffic and CRO goals, but they also have to think about the Angels, VCs, and other stealth startups. We’ll cover everything from timing technical SEO tactics to achieve the right growth trajectory to strategies and prioritization of SEO initiatives to satisfy even the most finicky of investors. We’ll even have some interesting investor stories to share.

I’ll be sharing some of the insights and technical SEO tactics that most haven’t realized have happened. These tactics have propelled a couple of companies to Series B to IPO status.

This isn’t strong on tool set. Maybe some examples of how to utilize Chrome Developer tools that most SEOs don’t use it for

Technical SEO tactics they can utilize on their own sites and a strategic plan for tackling SEO at the most critical parts of a Start Up’s life cycle, even when they’re at the Unicorn pre-IPO stage

Mostly for brands and pre-IPO companies

Date: November 8, 2019 00:00



  • Eric Wu
    Head of Product & Growth - BloomNation