The Cost Of Doing Nothing

Session Description:

Let’s go on a little journey…

Let’s imagine for a second; your life is going to stay the same. You’ll make the same amount of money. You’ll have the same relationships. Most of all, you’ll have the same life stresses and feeling overwhelmed with your business because you’re never really done anything to fix it. And they won’t EVER go away.

You’ll always struggle with feeling overwhelmed and constant stress. I want you to vividly picture what that would look like. How would you feel? What would see when you look in the mirror? What would your friends and family think of you? Let me guess, you look and feel worn out, you’re losing your hair, you’ve gained weight, and you might not be as pleasant to be around as you used to be.

I know it may be painful to think about… but it’s important to understand there is a cost of doing NOTHING.

I’m not trying to be harsh or make you feel bad. I just know that sometimes the best way to improve your life is to realize you want more. If you don’t decide to take action and make a change, then how can you expect things to improve?

The scary thing is that the scenario is more realistic than you may realize. Just think, how long have you felt terrible and literally suffered over your stress with your business?

“If you keep doing what you’ve been doing for the past year, 2 years, or 5 years and nothing has changed…then how can you expect the next few years to be any different?”

So do something about it. Take control. Make a change.

You know those dots you can’t quite connect to take you to the next level? Jerry West will show you how to do it.

It’s Time To Take action.


Jerry West at UnGagged LA

Date: November 7, 2019 4:30 PM

Track: Track 1


  • Jerry West
    Director of Marketing - Web Marketing Now