The New Technical SEO: How to Expand Boundaries, Push Limits, & Maximize Results with Python and Technical Thinking

Session Description:

Technical SEO has long been defined as actions taken to address website crawling, indexing, and rendering in order to improve website rank. Though these components of technical SEO are critically important, this traditional definition limits the true potential of technical SEO. By confining technical SEO to crawling, indexing, and rendering, we’re closing the door on innovative and advanced technical SEO practices that can take website visibility and business results to new heights.

In this advanced session, join Catalyst’s Paul Shapiro as he redefines technical SEO, opening your mind to a new world of technical SEO that leverages data science and the Python programming language to drive valuable business outcomes.

Perfect for advanced SEOs and technical marketers, you’ll learn how to rethink your technical SEO approach and philosophy. Complete with actionable tips for how to incorporate data science tools and Python into your existing workflow, you’ll discover how to squeeze more from your technical SEO program, even when you think you’ve reached the limit of what’s possible. And, exclusive to Ungagged, Paul will be sharing a new Python script.

Date: November 7, 2019 00:00