The Secrets Your Analytics Won’t Tell You About Mobile-First Indexing

Session Description:

Google’s documentation about Mobile-First Indexing is quite straight-forward, BUT the impact of its launch is not. If you compare the mobile SERPs before and after it has launched, you will see major differences that are not represented in your data AT ALL. This talk will go beyond the Google documentation and talk about the implications of the change, and how it can make the data in your analytics software disturbingly misleading.

Google has been building out the Knowledge Graph, position-zero and other ‘Rich Results’ and these things may be impacting the value of your organic SEO rankings in ways that your analytics and SEO tools may never see. Attend this session to learn more about how Mobile-First Indexing will impact your day-to-day SEO strategy & tactics, and how you can adjust to protect against the things you are probably missing.

This is not just a re-hashing of Google’s guidelines. Cindy will draw a clear line between what Google says officially, and what is actually happening in the rankings!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how Mobile-First Indexing is impacting what searchers see & what they click on
  • Find out about how Google is changing Knowledge Graph
  • Understand how Featured Snippets can make or break your mobile SEO success
  • Get tips and tricks for communicating the changes to bosses and clients

Key Audience: Any SEO Who Relies on Analytics!

Date: November 7, 2019 10:15 AM

Track: Track 2