UnGagged Las Vegas 2015 Schedule

The Las Vegas 2015 Agenda

We’ll always search for the best content that’s most relevant to you. This isn’t high-minded academic stuff, it’s down-to-earth information coming from experts who’ve seen it all. Find out more about what we covered at UnGagged Las Vegas 2015 here.


How to get PR for your Startup

No one cares about your startup No one cares about new apps Big ideas tell stories Solve readers problems Getting connected Getting coverage


Understanding Millennials and Knowing Why You Want Them. I’ll give you 7 Trillion Reasons

Seven Trillion Dollars. Nice round sum, isn’t it? Do you want some of that? We’ll take a look at the next generation of spenders and see what motivates them and what flat out turns them off. Along the way we’ll discuss the usual stuff around search marketing and social, all…


Power up your Content Marketing – Make an impact

In the past a lot of content marketers looked at the wrong data to measure their success. Who on earth is interested in counting and bragging about tweets and likes really? And what’s “the trick in content marketing” for boring topics like “air conditioners”? Not funny cat content. We’re looking…

Increasing Your Content Data IQ

Let’s cover techniques and tools for converting raw data into meaningful, easy-to-understand signals for your content efforts and campaigns. How powerful is your content? Today everyone produced content based on gut feeling. Content can be remarkably improved by using specific data to understand what users need. Most content creation and…

The Five Steps to Content Marketing Success

In this session, Paddy will talk through the key five elements of a content marketing campaign. He will cover how to unearth ideas from your competitors, how to bring keywords into your content campaign, how to generate strong ideas, how to find link targets and how to find influencers on…


Holiday hacking with Shopping Campaigns

Product Ads are a proven success (Pictures! With your search ad!) and Shopping Campaigns offer smarter, more streamlined back-end management that translates into better ROI, improved reporting and a more friendly interface. In this session you will learn: 1. Best practices for setting up Shopping Campaigns on Bing ads 2….

Think Like Google; How Brand Drives SEO

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear Google tell us to “Make great content”? Think your content is better than Stuff Placed Above Me (SPAM)? Want to know what really drives sustainable SEO positioning? In this session Jonah will show you how to think like Google, what Brand really…

Ultimate Search & Social Conversion Mashup! Expertly Curate “Owned Audience” Cookie Pools

The data’s in and speaks volumes! From Berlin to Spain, London to San Francisco, savvy marketers are pioneering award-winning techniques to turn readily available huge-social-data into attributable conversion. Join internationally known speaker & perennial US/European Search Awards judge Marty Weintraub for a full contact confab covering: o Selling with first-touch…

Streamlining your Content Marketing Process

In this session you’ll learn how to streamline your content marketing process. From combining software and custom code to generate ideas to unearthing the tips and tricks that improve your outreach, by the end of the session you’ll have a toolbox that will save you masses of time and increase…


Three 20-Minute List and Product Building Strategies that Will Immediately Transform Your Online Business

Session One: Facebook Marketing on Steroids! Secrets from my partner’s online Facebook platform that gets between 200,000 – 250,000 new fans per month, tens of thousands of shares per day, and close to 200 million people engaged PER WEEK (yes, those are accurate numbers — and it’s been going on…

Searching Higher Up The Funnel

Consumer search behaviour is complex. You perform multiple searches on multiple devices over multiple days; where everything you see and experience, in the SERPs and beyond, influences your brand preference and purchase decisions. Traditional funnel analysis and marketing models do a poor job of measuring and managing this ecosystem. We…

Beyond the Bottom of Funnel: Scraping the Bottom to Come Out on Top – SEMrush

7 Powerful Strategies ripped from the competitive techniques of winning brands, that they would not want me to point out to you. Think you know the funnel? Well, you don’t know jack. The funnel is actually a cycle, and in the most successful online endeavors, becomes a whirlwind of activity…


SEO and the Not Com Revolution of the New gTLD Domain Names

The Not Com revolution of new gTLD domain names is here. By the time they’re done, over 1,000 new extensions will be available. Google has said, multiple times, that they treat all domain name extensions the same. But what is really happening in the real world? Are these new domain…

How to Win Amazon with Black Hat

Roll SEO back to 2009 with gaming the Amazon algorithm using nothing but Black Hat. How to crush competitors and dominate the hottest platform on the web right now.

Discover the Money Cloud – ShareASale II

How Performance Marketing can unlock you earning potential. In this session, learn how to leverage your Affiliate Network to identify & grow successful brand partnerships across verticals such as Home & Garden, Fashion, Travel, Business and more!

Why Your Content Marketing & Linking Sucks

Treating content marketing as an answer to hiding links? For SEO purposes only? Maybe only for social. Loren Baker started content marketing back in 2003 when he launched Search Engine Journal and he’ll go over a lot of the mistakes he’s seen over the years, especially post Penguin; how to…


3 Reasons Why Chasing the User Isn’t the Magic Bullet for SEO

If you’ve been to other conferences, you’re likely sick of hearing about content marketing, Facebook ads and how everything is a lot harder than it was last year. SEO is changing fast and if you aren’t learning, you are getting left behind. In this session we’ll cut through all the…

Predicting SEO growth in an environment of extreme uncertainty

Often SEO professionals make unrealistic forecasts or they try to avoid making them altogether because of the extreme uncertainty of the search environment. The lack of clear KPIs and achievable milestones is one of the reasons that make a budget owner skeptical when it comes to SEO. Not having SMART…

SEO Clinic

SEO Clinic with Joe and Robert.


Search, Links & Social Panel

Cutting Through the Noise (BS) and Concentrating on What Matters.


Google’s War on Webmasters

Google has had a stranglehold on search share for over a decade. With no real alternative to obtain search traffic, webmasters find themselves in an ecosystem where they are both the beholden commodity and the enemy. As the currency of the Internet shifts to user share and the platform moves…


How Content Effects Rankings in 2015

CopyPress works with 100s of customers running programs of various scales. David Snyder, CopyPress CEO , will take you inside the data it has associated with its campaigns to show what works and what doesn’t in 2015 with content.

Mobile SEO Reloaded: Untapping opportunities that you’re likely missing

In this session Aleyda will share steps, resources, tips & examples to help you identify new & missed opportunities from your mobile optimization efforts and establish a framework & mobile search strategy focusing on maximizing your mobile search visibility & conversions in competitive sectors for those areas that matter the…

A decade of Affiliate Experience Turned Into a MultiMillion Dollar Company

I have been an affiliate promoting everything under the sun for the last 10+ years. Many things I would never want any of my friends to buy. I now have built a multimillion dollar company in the last 6 months leveraging that experience and in this session I will walk…


Using Impactana to steal ideas from your competition, kill writers block, profile people & outreach like a crazy ninja

This session is about Impactana – but it’s not a boring product pitch, hate that too. We’ll look at actual examples to find powerful ideas from your competition and kill writers block in marketing in no time. We’ll also look into profiling people and reaching out to them with the…

Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business Value

Drawing on experience from over 350 online business sales, this talk will look at factors that can kill your business value. Whether you are not thinking about selling at all or actively looking to sell your business now, these points are relevant to you. Getting your business in the right…

Online Video Domination

Learn how to generate instant traffic to any YouTube Video, or landing page for as little as 1 cent per view. Learn how to rank your video on the top of Google and YouTube for any keyword. Learn how to dominate Facebook video ads.

Developing New Campaigns in the Same Ol’ Vertical : How to Design & Run Link Building Experiments

By the end of this session, you’ll have tactics for developing new approaches and will be inspired to design and execute your own link building experiments. Using the tactics you know already, learn how to think like innovator for every new campaign.


17 SEO, Conversion, Optimization & Monetization Templates You Can Copy, That We Used To Add $25 Million In Online Sales In The Past 9 Months

Wish you had the budget to spend $50,000 a day or more testing different media, offers, funnel sequences and follow up campaigns to find out exactly what works best to make the most from your online efforts? Well, here’s the next best thing, because we’ve done just that over the…

Google keep on giving and giving: expired domains why they still work and what to buy

Why, after all these years why do expired domains still work so well for SEO? Surely Google can kill off this huge weakness? Nick explores why Google has let this ‘problem’/opportunity carry on… And on… And on. He goes into how to profile the ideal expired domain, looking at its…

Social Media Horror Stories – and How to Avoid the Same Fate

Ripped from the headlines – licensed attorney Ruth Carter will review recent internet catastrophes and how they could have easily been avoided. These stories may cover free speech, copyright, trademark, defamation, employment law, privacy, terroristic threats, cyberharassment, and even revenge porn. In all of these stories, the person could have…

Social Media Horror Stories – and How to Avoid the Same Fate

Ripped from the headlines – licensed attorney Ruth Carter will review recent internet catastrophes and how they could have easily been avoided. These stories may cover free speech, copyright, trademark, defamation, employment law, privacy, terroristic threats, cyberharassment, and even revenge porn. In all of these stories, the person could have…

Discover the Money Cloud – ShareASale

How Performance Marketing can unlock you earning potential. In this session, learn how to leverage your Affiliate Network to identify & grow successful brand partnerships across verticals such as Home & Garden, Fashion, Travel, Business and more!


Smart Analytic Concepts

I’d like to engage with the audience during the session to discuss how a more user friendly analytics platform could look like and what it would take to develop and market such. The challenge we are facing today is that data (including performance data) is becoming more and more relevant…

How to start an outsourcing company, master outsourcing and own an emerging market. Living the 4 Hour Work Week in the Philippines

How to Start an Outsourcing Company why it is worthwhile, mastering outsourcing difference between design and process work. Owning emerging markets is like take candy of a baby.

Using Google’s Knowledge Graph to your advantage

Not only 10 blue links can drive you traffic anymore, Google has added many so called Knowlegde cards and panels to answer the specific informational need of their users. Sounds complicated, but it isn’t. If you ask for information, Google will try to answer it within the result pages. I’ll…

Would you “swipe right” on your content?

Searchmetrics Suite uses computer linguistics to help marketers find opportunities to make their content more relevant. Join Paul Bongers and learn how to identify content opportunities in your website.


The Black Hat War Stories

From “Traffic Equalizer” to “Throttling” to using intimidation effectively, learn how black hat tactics never go old, they just recycle. Including what is working right now and why it should continue to work in the foreseeable future. This is your chance to hear SEO & Affiliate War Stories from a…

1 Server = 100+ Employees for SEO

Repetitive tasks can be automated and/or optimized to cut your cost by a unit of measure so large I can’t even think of the term right now. We’ll go over streamlining tasks such as checking for available domains based on keyword research, into how to completely setup a website from…

Google went too far with Mobilegeddon

At some point Google went from search and technology giant to design consulting firm. And their advice is driving many businesses to make bad decisions. It doesn’t help that Google pairs its mobile design recommendations with the threat of Mobilegeddon. As a result online businesses are doing things to hurt…


The Future of Search Panel

Explore the future of search and SEO with some of the top experts.


Really bonding with your audience

Marketers these days are desperately trying to catch the eye of their audiences, their potential customers. Yet most of the time they shoot and miss because they fail to hit the right buttons. In a presentations filled with stories and actionable take aways, Bas will talk about how to get…


The WhiteHat all BlackHats Need to Know

Blackhatting Sites has become increasingly more difficult in the day and age of Penguin, Panda, Pirate, and algorithms adnauseum. Learn how WhiteHat Rules can used to keep your BlackHat sites out of Google’s clutches. Including tips on penalty recovery for those cash domains.

The right and fast way to create an international website.

I will start talking about my experience on different multinational companies such as Yellow Pages, another world’s top 50 most visited websites and currently on Shopify. Also show how my studies background (a Master Degree on International Commerce) help me to have a better understanding of the current international marketing…

Pwning The Internet

Robert and Joe will look at some hacks that work in terms of taking over webservers and then diving into the economics of hacked links and networks (like SAPE) that have thrived on them.


Compete and Optimize Like a Megastar with Excel and Bing Ads

Optimizing, understanding, and competing in today’s search marketplace is harder than ever. With years of experience in PPC, Bing Ads’ Eric Couch will walk you through the tools and tactics you’ll need to beat the competition. In it, you’ll learn about audience sizing and demographic tools you can use to…


Tying SEO into the wider business: stakeholders and audiences

If cleverly tied into the overall business goals there is a great opportunity to harvest more crops from the work of an SEO. Paul Bongers will be addressing the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead in the life of an SEO. Search engines become increasingly more human through artificial intelligence….

Mobile-First SEO and how to prepare for the next MobileGeddon

With the launch of Google’s mobile-friendly update on April 21st, the SEO community has been set on a path towards a mobile-first approach. This paradigm shift necessitates Webmasters (and app owners) to align development practices in order to remain competitive with its search rankings. Google began by requiring access to…

How to successfully launch a SAAS company

Know the problem you are solving Know how to reach them Start to solve the problem in a simple way and add to it How to get traction


Unlock Audience Gold with Remarketing & Bing Ads’ Universal Event Tracking

Up until now, PPC has been focused on keywords and match types- but those days are numbered. Going forward, it’s going to be all about your audience, and learning how to make the most of that resource will determine who stays alive in the search game. Luckily for you, tools…


Debunking SEO industry biggest myths

Kaspar Szymanski, former senior Google Search Quality team member and SEO consultant shares his favorite SEO industry myths and addresses live, audience questions on search engines. This is your chance to ask anything Google!” The session is meant as an open discussion panel with the audience who will have a…

Why Your Online Reputation is the Only Thing That Really Matters and How Black Hats Are Cashing In On Your Brand’s Equity

No, this isn’t another session about angry Tweets and how great the social media response was. That’s the same vanilla stuff everyone else is talking about. In this session you will learn: – Why Your Brand is Important for Conversions – What Happens When Black Hats Hijack Your Brand Equity…

How To Scale Any Online Business From Cold Start To Multi-Million Valuation In 12 Months Or Less

Over the past three years, we have scaled multiple online businesses ranging from from zero to $250k in value to current combined valuations of over $100 million. In this interactive workshop, I will show you the formula we use to take any existing web business, no matter how small, and…

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