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The Las Vegas 2017 Sessions

UnGagged Las Vegas 2017 had some amazing sessions that went beyond the Conventional wisdom, focussing instead on  digital marketing secrets the leading experts can’t reveal anywhere else.


Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Influencer Marketing is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to attract new clients. Not just another ‘buzz word’, this burgeoning marketing sector is an effective way to gain targeted exposure, open up new channels of communication and move beyond “banner blindness”. This deeply engaging and practical masterclass allows…


Masterclass: A Crash Course in Conversion Rate Optimization

How much money are you losing with poorly performing websites and landing pages? Changes in website efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical hands-on training will provide you with a crash course in conversion rate optimization (CRO). Noted digital marketing expert and…


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The Emperor Has No Clothes – Why Your Optimization Program is Failing And What To Do About It

Many companies have begun to take conversion rate optimization (CRO) more seriously, and are furiously running split tests on their websites and landing pages. Unfortunately, this high activity level is covering up a multitude of problems. And the hardest thing for many companies to do is to take a hard…


Killer Tips For Local SEO

Local SEO is tough, and it’s even tougher to get right. In this session, Greg is going to share Freddy Krueger’s Killer Tips For Local SEO that he hasn’t shared at any conference before. After a quick run-through of the most important factors influencing local rankings, he’ll share specific, exclusive…


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Bots causing trouble? Uncover the problems around spam signals, crawl errors and scaling issues

I thought that I would talk at UnGagged about some of the problems bots have when they’re crawling the internet and also have a look at some of the signals that you might not realise your site is sending out; while you’re having your website crawled at scale. When you’re…

From SEO Theory To Business Success: Turning SEO Audits Into Real-World Profit

In this talk Barry Adams will use examples from audits and websites he’s worked on to show how SEO ‘best practices’ and website issues uncovered in a site audit can be turned in to actual traffic gains and profit growth. Too often SEO audit recommendations remain in the realm of…

Getting a Seat at The Table

Imagine this. Your CMO announces there will only be budget for 3 marketing channels moving forward. Will your SEO department get budget, or will it be cut? Will you still have a seat at The Table or will you be looking for a new job? Whether SEOs like it or…


Here’s How We Use Remarketing Lists for Reputation Management

When you think about your remarketing list, what comes to mind? Probably not reputation management, right? Think again. Google gives you a breadth of remarketing options to explore; however, the most savvy PPC managers among us see beyond what they’re given and figure out different tactics to use in order…

The Shifting PPC Landscape: from Keywords to Audiences

Let’s face it, everybody is talking about Facebook ads. So, why all the hype? Whether you’re just starting out, or you now utilise Facebook ads as part of your broader paid marketing at scale, this talk will take a deep-dive into the changing landscape of paid marketing. Along the way,…

Scaling SEO Services

My agency has been around for 10 years, we scaled quickly in the early stages and ended up with a team of over 20. Then due to the industry development, changes in what our clients needed, and a realisation we had to change, we scaled back to just 8 people…




Affiliate and display marketing, it’s a data change

In a modern marketing world, multiple channels combine to drive conversions for brands. We no longer rely on a single channel to take a prospect to a customer. Display is more than just brand, and affiliates aren’t just about last-click conversions. In this talk, Russell shows data on the true…

Mastering Video Marketing

Matt will talk you through how to utilise video assets for maximum results, how to measure video success and the best technical tips to get the most out of Facebook, Youtube and more, with hands-on tips on video deployment through YouTube, social media and online video platforms. This session will…

The Link Building Playbook

Laura will talk through tried and tested content marketing and PR tactics that work across different clients and industries to deliver quality links that also have a real impact on SEO performance. This will include case studies showing campaign examples from 2017 and a look towards what will work in…


Panel – Breaking Silos/Working Across Teams

Brands and agencies often struggle in a multi-channel world. How to join up campaigns and BAU to enable a seamless experience for consumers. We have a panel of 4 experienced marketers who are going to share stories and top tips on how to navigate to success.

Ask me Anything: Panel of Power

Ask Me Anything. Our Panel of Power will help cover any questions you have from Day 1 of UnGagged


Opening Night Networking Drinks

All Google Manual Penalties Explained

Former senior Google Search Quality team member Kaspar Szymanski explains ALL Google manual penalties, their impact on your website and how to deal with them swiftly and successfully. The presentation is followed by an open Q&A with and for the audience. Any Google Search and SEO questions are answered live!…


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The People Powered Future of Paid Media

During this session, Samantha will cover what she sees as being the future of paid media where audiences play a much more important role than the keywords and the ads. She will look at how the different paid media channels have evolved over time and talk through some of the…


Morning Networking Break


Content Marketing FTW

A strategic framework for how to generate traffic, with a focus on creating content that’s optimized for search engines.

Myths, Truths, and Secrets about Domain Names … and what comes next

Using a multiple domain strategy has become the new normal. Domain names are being used for linking to nested content with a simple domain, URL Shorteners and domain name hacks, campaign-based domain names, and social media aggregation, and a metric tonne of other things. There are new purposed ones, like…

Fusing Art & Science in Digital Marketing

Marketing is seemingly propelled by science, particularly in today’s digital world. Armed with tools like data, analytics, research and insights, marketers often turn to technology to drive more cost-effective campaigns; however, focusing on science alone will limit your approaches. In this session, David will explain the importance of art in…


Brand Engagement – Growth Marketing in our Noisy World

Randy will be talking about Common marketing mistakes Examples of creative marketing strategies And a marketing strategy that you should all incorporate into your business right after this event Build free marketing products to grow your business and build a relationship with your customer. For example you can build graders,…

Standing on the shoulders of giants: How to talk bullshit without getting dirty

Come to this session, and you’ll immediately seem smarter to those around you! You’ll get the blueprint for creating a legitimate marketing strategy in as little as a few hours. You’ll go away with the basics for how to understand someone’s personality after your first meeting with them. You’ll have…

SEO From the Trenches: Wins, Losses, Fuckups and Fiverr

Everyone talks about the basics but how do you push your business beyond the competition? In this session go beyond the basics and beyond the usual advanced sessions with information around cheating at link building, content hacks with keyword modelling, setting up a sexy strategy with some technical tools. While…


Lunch Break


Become a Technical SEO Ninja in 38 (or so) Easy Steps [BLUEPRINT]

Want to become a master of Google operators so you can find issues on your site lightning fast and to find confidential documents from competitors and from the big research firms alike? How about getting introduced to the best and most efficient SEO on-page and off-page tech tools? GUARANTEED that…

Work Life Hacks v2 – Automation

In last year’s UnGagged session, I spoke about tools and processes to improve your work life. From feedback, automated tasks was the topic that interested people the most. This year, my session will cover how you can use automation to help save you time and energy so you can get…

An introduction to Chatbots and how to make money with them

What is a chatbot? How can you use them to save money, increase customer satisfaction, increase customer service, grow an audience and sell products. Learn how to make money with chatbots with examples and case studies.


Leverage Augmented Analytics for Conversion Insights

This is not a technical session, but will show you new ways to use your analytics to take control. There will be examples of more complex set ups but coding skills are not required, just a desire to see improved results. This is intended to challenge the audience to think…

Leverage Augmented Analytics for Conversion Insights

This is not a technical session, but will show you new ways to use your analytics to take control. There will be examples of more complex set ups but coding skills are not required, just a desire to see improved results. This is intended to challenge the audience to think…

Brand Engagement – How To Cover Your Link Network’s Ass & Find Your Competitors Hidden Links II

Back by demand, Michael and Josh will be delivering a repeat of their popular session for those of you who missed it (and for those of you who still had questions and wanted to see it again). How much do you gamble with your link network? Do you think you…

Be a Sales Badass Instead of a [email protected]

Part “Jerky Boys” crank calls and part “The Apprentice” reality show, this presentation is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Learn how to perfect your sales pitch. Close more deals and get BIGGER deals done. Listen in as your competition pitches their services and fucks up. There’s a lesson in…

Brand Engagement – How To Cover Your Link Network’s Ass & Find Your Competitors Hidden Links

How much do you gamble with your link network? Do you think you have your footprints covered? In this session, you will find out how you could be exposed, and how to fix it. We will provide our list of over 200 bots so you can protect yourself. Sorry, Christoph…


A Fireside chat with Danny Koker & Murray Newlands

Danny Koker is here to talk all things Influencer Marketing and how his personal brand impacts his influence. The self-taught mechanic grew up in Cleveland and Detroit with family blood lines that gifted him with his stellar vocal stylings. Having grown up with his father (Daniel Koker Sr.) excelling as…

Going Beyond the Conversions: What You Can Learn From Advanced Tracking

If you want to be successful in the digital space, one of the most crucial things to understand is your sales funnel: from the first click to the final conversion. However, if you want to dominate your competition, you need to understand which AdWords conversions are turning into sales and…

Panel Discussion – Link Building

The panel last year was such a hit we’re doing it again. The panel will be a combination of white hat, grey hat and black hat experts, who will get relentlessly interrogated by Jerry West. Nothing held back and nothing scripted. Great questions from the crowd will be taken, while…

An ‘Always On’ Brand – Delivering End to End Customer Engagement across the whole buyer journey

Creating and delivering the right content to the right people at the right time … all the time! Today’s consumers follow three key stages of engagement – Awareness/Consideration/Decision – a brand that’s ‘always on’ engages at multiple touch points throughout the cycle Chatbots, Social, Video and VR – what engages…


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Look under the hood of Google’s crawling and indexing technology

This session is a summary of 1 year of experiments (some experiments were never published before) and research. Loads of practical, technical data. No guessing and no conspiracy theories here. What is the technology behind Google crawler and indexer? What are WRS’s limitations and how to troubleshoot indexing problems like…


Influence is the new link buying

An examination of how influencer networks are being used as a proxy for purchasing blog posts.


Morning Networking Break


How Black and Grey Hat Social Media is Dominating

I will show you step by step the tactics that black and grey hat social media experts are using to grow massive social media followings, influence and to sell more products.

Advanced Tactics of Highly Successful Buyers and Sellers of Web Based Businesses

With over 600 deals closed over 10 years, we’ve seen a huge variety of personalities and skills among those who buy and seller Internet based businesses. In this presentation, I’ll break down some of the most advanced tactics and traits of highly successful buyers and sellers of Internet based businesses…

The Nightmare Of Getting Content Removed From The Internet

Getting content removed from the internet is a nightmare – on both sides of the equation. On one side, there are people who abuse the system and try to submit fake court orders for removal and people who commit copyright infringement and use the DMCA to get the original content…


Content? Links? How You Actually Get Them Done Right to Rank

Links and content are still considered the top ranking factors. So you published loads of content, built a bazillion backlinks, and you still rank next to a dead body hidden on the second page of Google search results? With more and more complex search algorithms nowadays, achieving top spots may…

Breaking Google’s Black Box

A look at a year in Google Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, “Fred”, and Rankbrain. As Google becomes more and more opaque and their spokespeople’s information less reliable, it is important we understand what is true and what is not when it comes to Google Algorithms and how they work….

Links: Making the most out of everything you have and making sure you continue to win

Links are still one of the major signals Google uses to qualify your site for ranking consideration. Paul will take us through the technical aspects of how to review and reveal what is counting for and against your site and offer tactics and insights on how to grow your profile…

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing with Murray Newlands.


Lunch Break


Hacking the New Google AdWords for 2017

Google is currently rolling out a new AdWords user interface, with a completely new design and additional functionality. This session will reveal the new features and provide insider tips on how to obtain optimal campaign performance. Topics include: 1. What’s new – a complete feature guide 2. How to find…

Secure Your Links Before Publishing Content

It is supposedly harder than ever to build links for the content that we are producing. And in recent years, as Google has clamped down on many black & grey hat link building methods, many SEO’s are going ‘full white hat’ & ignoring link building tactics out of fear of…

A Winning Exit: Your 4 Step Strategy to Building a Sellable Business

Whether you’re thinking about selling your business now or not at all, implementing a strategy now to ensure it is sellable is essential. Many business owners wait until it is too late. From experience completing over 500 deals with a combined hundreds of millions of dollars in value Thomas will…


How to Dominate Local Niches with Digital Assets & Lead Gen

Digital real estate – websites – are the new brick and mortar for 2017. If you can dominate a local niche or service, then you can generate high quality leads for a long time in a passive manner. In this session, Akiva will explain how he streamlined a process to…

UnGagged Exclusive: Discover the Secret to Near-Instant PBN Launch with Hostwinds’ Cloud

In this UnGagged exclusive, Hostwinds’ founder and CEO Peter Holden will cover using their brand new Cloud platform to spin up a Private Blog Network in moments. We have created exclusively for UnGagged attendees a system to manage and control as many instances as you want, with diverse C-Class IP…

Panel – Buying and Selling a Business

Do you run a profitable business or want to buy one? Learn all about selling or buying a business in this panel.

UnGagged Exclusive: Discover the Secret to Near-Instant PBN Launch with Hostwinds’ Cloud II

In this UnGagged exclusive, Hostwinds’ founder and CEO Peter Holden will cover using their brand new Cloud platform to spin up a Private Blog Network in moments. We have created exclusively for UnGagged attendees a system to manage and control as many instances as you want, with diverse C-Class IP…


SEO Insights From A Drunk Guy

Jerry West always seems to tell “a little bit too much” with beers in hand. A lot has happened in SEO, PBNs and Facebook advertising over the last year. Jerry puts it all together in a format that makes sense and that you can apply to your business to boost…

How to Scale Your Online Business with Underrated Outsourcing Options

It’s easier now than ever to scale a business. With a plethora of online options and below market rates for various online services, you can take your website-based business from 0 to 60 quite quickly, and with less risk. This presentation will discuss the following business-scaling aspects: What areas of…


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