Information for your Safety

Covid-19 Information – Need to Know

UnGagged is excited to hold our first 2021 in person event and we take the safety of our attendees and speakers very seriously, so to ensure we have a great time, we have put the following procedures in place:

There may be times during the event when you are required to wear a mask, this is dependent on the current situation which we are constantly monitoring and following UK Government Guidance policies. 

etc Venue’s has extra COVID-19 processes in place of all areas of the conference:

They are working in collaboration with Cleanology, London’s premier cleaning specialist providing;

  • Quality focused sanitisation approach with ISO accreditations and awards. 
  • Each venue is audited by Navitas (formerly the European Safety Bureau) – Covid Controlled Certification Scheme.
  • Staff fully trained on all hygiene measures. 
  • Teams supplied with the latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).”

UnGagged requires every conference attendee, speaker and staff member to provide a lateral flow test to be negative on arrival at registration. This can be obtained for free using the NHS Lateral flow tests online here, or you can purchase the test from pharmacies or testing sites:

  1. Carry out your Lateral Flow Test before you leave for the venue. If you test positive DO NOT come to the venue, self-isolate and book a PCR test immediately.
  2. Register your negative test result on the NHS website or via the NHS Covid-19 app
  3. Look out for the confirmation of your negative result via email, SMS message or via the Covid Pass on the NHS app.
  4. Your test should be done within 24 hours of arriving at the venue

On arrival to etc Venues

  1. Have your test result via SMS, email or Covid Pass (showing the Lateral Flow Test result page) Do not bring the actual test itself.
  2. If you are entering the UK from another country to attend any of the events then please make sure you have fulfilled any travel requirements based on the current guidelines and follow the entry process with a negative Lateral Flow Test result for our events as described above.