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We covered 4 tracks across 2 days, no matter what your specialism or niche, we had you covered.


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Keynote: Han Solo’s Carbonite-proof Tips for Local SEO

Now that everyone’s searching on mobile devices, Local SEO has become a vital strategy for most businesses. If you want to be found in local searches, you’ve got to optimize for Google’s local algorithm. Forget all the other Local SEO sessions you’ve seen before – you can check out other…



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The Future of Search and Your Career

Understanding consumer trends and how search engines follow them is key to both your business success and your career success. We’ll examine the state of the industry, look at current trends, and explore where people are investing their time today and tomorrow. This will help you understand how to be…

The Secrets Your Analytics Won’t Tell You About Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s documentation about Mobile-First Indexing is quite straight-forward, BUT the impact of its launch is not. If you compare the mobile SERPs before and after it has launched, you will see major differences that are not represented in your data AT ALL. This talk will go beyond the Google documentation…

JavaScript Is the Future and This Is What You Need to Know

I’m saying it now, SEOs don’t need to learn JavaScript. What you do need to know are some of the basics of how it works and how to troubleshoot issues. JavaScript won’t go away if you bury your head in the sand, so come to this session and learn how…

Dr Strangelink – or how I learned to stop worrying and love link building again

But how do you get and keep the good ones? Stop rating links and start building quality, long-lasting ones. In this session, Judith will share what’s working for her now, and what she no longer uses as techniques. From PR to PBN, from free to paid, this session will reveal…


When SEO best practices stop working; how to rank without joining the dark side

… or How to beat them without joining them: competing with Black Hat Tactics. We’ve all been there, you are ranking for your “money” term and all of sudden you lose your top spot, or you’ve been trying to rank but just can’t seem to reach your desired positions no…

Negative SEO The Dark Arts – Part 3

RSnake is back, and he heard you. More hacking, more Negative SEO, more Blackhat techniques. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, there is a lot more wrong with the ol, Internet. Strap in!

Hacks & Tricks to Make Your Site Faster Than Ever

AMP, as you know, is Google’s response to just how bad websites have gotten – and it is a bad solution. As a JavaScript framework it has merit, but the user experience is such that the issues aren’t the right approach for most businesses. The solution for the web is…

If SEO isn’t a performance channel, how do you optimize for awareness?

Traditional performance channels work on the basis that the more you invest in building a campaign, the more you will receive as a direct return. OK, maybe not to the level that some brands wish for, but performance will inevitably deliver the goods in relation to the budget you care…


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Surprising SEO Results when you Implement Tedious Work at Scale

It’s tempting to chase the latest cool tactics, but in over 17 years in the SEO industry, I’ve consistently seen boring, tedious and foundational work making the biggest difference for mid-market and enterprise brands. We’re talking mundane stuff like mapping huge lists, correcting 404s, 301 redirects, selectively consolidating near-duplicates to…

Measuring Links, Disavows, and SERP Marketing

When it comes to link building and measuring links, there are not many (any?) more experienced than Jim Boykin. The company he started more than 20 years ago, Internet Marketing Ninjas, has served hundreds of clients, acquiring high-quality links to help them increase their rankings and sales. Boykin has presented…

Online Casino Affiliate Marketing: How to break into a globally lucrative industry

Buffalo Partners is an Online Casino Affiliate Program. Normally, we attend casino specific conferences. So why Ungagged? The Online Casino Affiliate world is a niche one, which many affiliates have entered by chance or serendipity. Many have made this their primary or sole vertical, earning envious commission, as both individuals…

Marketing Data – Lets Pull the Trousers Down on Reality

Brands rely on data to make decisions but less than 15% of marketers trust the data they have available. Let’s change this! In this session, Russell will go through techniques and tactics that allow you to understand what you’re looking at, where it comes from and where you can look…


The Top 10 Display/PPC Secrets of 2020

The number of new Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising features is staggering. Some are valuable but obscure, and others are nearly invisible. Learn the top ones that will perk up your performance from now into 2020. This sessions is aimed at intermediate to advance paid search marketers. Join David for…

Turbocharging Google Analytics

Google Analytics 360 is great – if you can afford it. But what if you’re in that awkward phase where you’re a growing business who is starting to bump up on the limits of what you can do with the free version, but not yet large enough to cough up…

Start Up SEO from Seed to Unicorn

In SEO, the answer to all questions is “It Depends”. This can be an even more complicated case when advising startups who not only have traffic and CRO goals, but they also have to think about the Angels, VCs, and other stealth startups. In this session, Eric’ll cover everything from…

Scalable Content Marketing: How to Generate 5,000+ Links in 12 Months

Many of us have read the different techniques companies use to generate links online. That said, not all of these can generate real scale. In this session, Ross opens the kimono of his 70+ person content marketing agency to show you how to generate links and traffic at scale for…




Your Search Diet: How Not to OverEAT

Expertise, Authority and Trust… it’s all anyone is talking about these days and even what Google said is behind the recent core updates. But what are these elements, and how are they measured? And how do they fit into the larger context of running a successful business? Jenny Halasz will…

A Deep Dive Into an Ecommerce Content Strategy Designed to GET LINKS

I will show you the actual pieces of content I used to build enough links forTrafficSafetyStore.com (while in-house as the VP of Digital Strategy) to outrank Home Depot, Lowes, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and Grainger. This will be a step by step look at how the opportunities were identified, how the…

Mastering SEO Silos: How To Create Clear Conceptual Hierarchy For Organic Search Ranking Benefit

SEO Siloing was a methodology invented by Bruce Clay, and honed over the years, commonly increasing organic traffic several times when implemented properly, Siloing remains one of the top architecture methodologies for websites today. This is a complex process and there are many ways to go wrong. This session presents…

A look under the hood of Bing Webmaster Tools

A deep dive into Bing Webmaster Tools for marketers – the who, the what, the why! In this session, Frédéric Dubut, Senior Program Manager at Bing, along with project manager Nikunj Daga, will take UnGagged LA attendees behind the scenes at Bing Webmaster Tools. By understanding the process by which…


The Business Value of Technical SEO

It’s no secret that SEO’s are constantly battling other departments for budget and resource, however, why is this still the case? There are three areas SEO’s should be focusing on when thinking about the bigger picture and the impact their work has on the wider oganization when asking for more…

The Cost Of Doing Nothing

Let’s go on a little journey… Let’s imagine for a second; your life is going to stay the same. You’ll make the same amount of money. You’ll have the same relationships. Most of all, you’ll have the same life stresses and feeling overwhelmed with your business because you’re never really…

A Sound Advantage: Search and Semantics

It’s not breaking news that voice search is the emerging technology of greatest interest, but what hasn’t been demystified is how it works. This session will uncover how the algorithm functions at a structural level by dissecting Google’s Automatic Speech Recognition and deciphering the nuances of linguistics as they apply…

Core Updates: Google’s Got a New “Spam”

So just what is going on with Google’s Core Updates? With 90% decimation of sites, and with rumors that specific verticals are being targeted, this session aims to clear up any myths or misinformation on how these latest updates work. Core Updates are about so much more than EAT. Kristine…


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Keynote with Gary Illyes: Life of a launch

Don’t miss the Day 2 Keynote with Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst. He’ll be stepping onto the UnGagged stage for the first time!


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SEO Click Loss Angst!? SOLVED- Now STFU & INTEGRATE?!

SEO has sure changed. Bummer. Judging from Twitter, some marketers seem pissed. Tough. Get over it. If you don’t like it, quit Google. There are solutions to SEO click loss. SEOs just need to open their minds. Marty will speak candidly regarding the state of the SEO channel, in-house realities,…

3 Ways Search Engine Journal 3X’d our Traffic & Revenue over 18 Months

After 16 years and many of changes, Search Engine Journal has become the publication leader in SEO & Paid Search news and strategies. Join Loren for this rare look under the hood. Learn how the SEJ team identified opportunities for growth via SEO, content optimization and launched a game changing…

Deeper Dive: Paid Search with Christi Olson and John Lee

This “Deeper Dive on Paid Search” is split over 4 hour-long Sessions on Friday November 8th. Session1: 10.15am – 11.15am – Keeping up with the changes through bite sized PPC management Join us in this session when we’ll go through some of the updates to search and how you can…

The Agency Model is Broken

Let’s face it – most digital marketing agencies suck to work at. SEO Specialists at agencies are, on a whole, under-trained and over-worked, with more clients than they can handle and little to no time to spend actually learning to get better at SEO. The end result is bad for…


It only takes a moment to wreck your brand online

It only takes a one mistake to ruin your brand online. Sometimes it’s an intentional attempt to increase traffic by doing things the wrong way –  other times it’s just folks either only knowing half of the story, or only knowing enough to be dangerous. In his session, Simon will cover real…


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Reading Between the Google Quality Rater Guide Lines

Google created the Google Quality Rater Guidelines so their raters could evaluate the search results based on the types of sites Google wants to see ranked at the top of the search results – and those they want to see demoted in the search results. Google has given SEOs the…

SEO FAIL! Learning from other SEO’s Failure

You’ll want to attend this session just to see if your clients made it into the deck. We’ll look at examples of other SEOs failures and laugh at their pain, then we’ll examine how to avoid some common and not so common SEO mistakes and failures on our own sites….

Building an Honest and Kickass Brand Presence on Reddit

Reddit is an extremely powerful and influential, but it is also about the most unique social media platform out there. So when it comes to your social media strategy on Reddit, it has to be as unique and creative as Reddit and its users are… otherwise it’s going to be…




Meet The Search Engines

Real-talk panel with representatives from Google and Bing.


Closing Networking Drinks




Link Building

At a time when Google is still punishing what it sees as artificial link building, and yet still places a heavy emphasis in the ranking algorithm on links, how do you build links in as safe a way as possible without falling into the ‘outreach/PR’ trap? How do you protect…

Local SEO

Let’s face it – Local SEO is ridiculously hard, and most digital marketers don’t even know what it is. This Masterclass will dig into Local SEO at a level that’s simply unheard of at conferences. Learn the intricacies of Local SEO from the top down, and learn how to be…

Making Money with Paid Social, SRSLY

With neutered targeting, suffocating data privacy restrictions, poor ROI, and complex ad units, paid social has evolved into a totally different animal, leaving many marketers frustrated. Determining social’s place in the marketing mix is not for the faint of heart.  GRRRR! This workshop teaches attendees: Social’s new place in the…

Bruce Clay’s Advanced SEO Training

This advanced 1-day search engine optimization training course provides intensive SEO training by industry veteran Bruce Clay, the recognized Father of SEO. Starting with SEO facts everyone needs to know, this interactive, in-person Masterclass will advance through most SEO topics with a “what is it and why do I care” approach….

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